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RWHAP: Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program 

Ryan White, the namesake for the program, was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 after a blood transfusion. He was 13 years old in living in Kokomo, Indiana when doctors gave him only six months to live. He lived five years longer than expected and became the national face of public education regarding AIDS and AIDS-related discrimination. 

Today, more than half a million people with low incomes receive services through RWHAP that provide medication, medical care and essential supportive services to help them stay in care. 

If you need assistance with medications, medical care and essential supportive services, please "get in touch" with us. 

Image by Dan Meyers

HOPWA: Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS 

Navigating any chronic condition can be filled with feelings of uncertainty and confusion. We hope that the resources that we have provided help you along your journey whether you need access to tools for prevention, management or treatment.

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