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The Thirty Years of Mercy Project

Welcome to the Thirty Years of Mercy Project! This endeavor celebrates the history of the House of Mercy's three decades of ministry, and tells the stories of the people who made this ministry possible.

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About the Project

In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the House of Mercy’s founding in 1991, the Thirty Years of Mercy Digital History Project celebrates and documents three decades of a remarkable ministry.


The project began in 2019 as a joint collaboration between the House of Mercy (HOM) and Belmont Abbey College. Over the course of two years the project team have worked to craft a digital narrative exploring the stories of the community who made this ministry possible.


We thank North Carolina Humanities for their generous support of this project.


Oral History Collection


In 2021, Dr. Mary Ellen Weir and Dr. Daniel Hutchinson conducted oral histories with members of the HOM community. These interviews capture the different facets of HOM’s story: that of the Sisters of Mercy; the staff and leadership of HOM; volunteers and community supporters; and centrally, the experiences of HOM’s residents. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these interviews were conducted remotely via Zoom.


Contextual Essay Collection


To better understand HOM’s impact, a collection of thematic essays explores the history and impact of HIV/AIDS from a global, national, and local level.


Digital Archive


This website offers a digitized collection of documents, newspaper articles, photographs, and other materials drawn from the House of Mercy’s records. Thematic exhibits drawn from these records provide another form of documentation for the House of Mercy’s history.


Project Team

Project Leadership

Daniel Hutchinson

Latoya Gardner

Mary Ellen Weir

Project Contributors

Troy Feay

Emily Sharpe

Haley Cooper

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Daniel Hutchinson

Daniel Hutchinson is an Associate Professor in the History Department at Belmont Abbey College, and directs the Digital Humanities program.

Students and Interns

Zach Aehlert, Philip Carrescia, Maureen De Grinney, Bethany Gareis,  David Girsch, Alexis Rosson, Rylee Yarrington


Contextual Essays

Fully appreciating the House of Mercy’s history means understanding the larger context of the HIV/AIDS crisis. The essays below explore that context. Written by scholars from the fields of public health and history, these essays explore the circumstances that compelled the Sisters of Mercy to establish the House of Mercy in 1991. The essays also explore continuing challenges in equal access to HIV/AIDS and how the House of Mercy continues to serve men and women living with HIV/AIDS today.