Mercy Moments – Thanks for Those We Serve

Author: Emily Chambers Sharpe

For the one who came, sick and frail and near what seemed to be the end, who makes us laugh with spunk and a feisty spirit all these years later. Mercy looks like a miracle.

For the one who has recently arrived, who is not ready to share in group activities or meals just yet. Mercy looks like the space to be quiet and rest.

For the one who wishes to be at home with loved ones, and who feels the pain of friends and family who are far away and who may not understand the struggle in your body. Mercy looks like the staff and volunteers who listen when you tell your story.

For the one who heard good news at one specialist’s office and less good news at another, who still smiles most of the time. Mercy looks like the peace in your eyes.

For the one who recently moved back in with family, who healed from the threats. Mercy looks like a fresh start.

For the one who now had no source of income, who realized that the care House of Mercy provides is available for even you. Mercy looks like a gift.

For the one who passed away, surrounded by family and friends. Mercy looks like homecoming.

For the one who is young and reeling from a new diagnosis, who needed this place to heal and to connect with many people who care. Mercy looks like being surrounded by love.

For the one who loves Bible studies and TV preachers, who spent a year working on goals for nutrition and mobility that make daily life a bit easier. Mercy looks like determination.


Often we share ways that we give mercy. We are the House of Mercy, after all. This Thanksgiving, I am reminded that we receive mercy as well. In our residents, mercy shows up in their miracles, relief, stories, peace, acceptance of charity care, sense of home, discovery of love, and commitment to healing. As the staff met recently and recounted our blessings, I heard over and over again the ways that we receive mercy and respond with thanks.

May your Thanksgiving celebration include the space to reflect on mercy you have received and the gratitude that comes with it.

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