House of Mercy

celebrating 31 years 


residential and community care 

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Your support changes lives. Give a gift to House of Mercy... make a difference for those living with HIV/AIDS.


Because of your generosity, more than 360 men and women living with HIV/AIDS have had a home and compassionate care at their time of greatest need.

Your donations make House of Mercy's mission possible. Donors like you contribute 80% of our annual operating budget, and 100% of your gift provides services and supplies for our residents.


TO GIVE IN 2021:



Do you know that the 

CARES Act includes

three incentives to

encourage charitable

giving in 2021?



1. A temporary universal

charitable deduction that

applies to non-itemizing

taxpayers for cash

charitable contributions

in 2021, up to $300 per




2. The existing cap on

annual cash contributions

is lifted for those who

itemize from 60% to

100% of adjusted

gross income.



3. For corporations, the

law raises the annual

AGI limit from 10%

to 25%. Food donations

from corporations are

available to 25% of AGI,

up from 15%.



A note on donor-advised

funds: gifts from donor-

advised funds are

specifically excluded

from these enhanced

charitable giving

provisions. Donations

to other funds at

community foundations

are eligible, along with

direct gifts to nonprofit





House of Mercy is not

equipped to provide

legal or tax advice. 

For information specific

to your situation,

consult an attorney

or a tax advisor.