A ministry of the Sisters of Mercy providing hope, healing, and a home for persons living with HIV.

Admission Criteria

Due to an overwhelming number of requests for placement, it is impossible for House of Mercy to guarantee admission to everyone who contacts us. However, the application process is made as easy as possible for the potential resident, family, and friends. An interview is arranged between the Director of Nursing, the resident, and the family after all required information is received and reviewed.

Generally, people seeking admission to House of Mercy must meet all of the following criteria:

1. The potential resident must have a diagnosis of HIV disease, and his/her medical condition must be so unstable that he/she is at medical risk and can no longer live independently.​

a. Medical risk is defined as impaired and unstable physical and/or cognitive abilities that must be treated and monitored by a physician.

b. A person is deemed to be unable to live independently when he/she can no longer perform one or more "activities of daily living" such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, ambulation or locomotion, transferring, toileting and eating.

2. The potential resident must have vastly limited alternatives for safe housing that can meet his/her medical needs (e.g. living with family, friends, or at another facility).


3. The potential resident is not currently using controlled substances without a physician order, illegal substances of abuse, or alcohol.


4. The potential resident does not suffer from a psychiatric disorder that House of Mercy staff has concluded will preclude his/her ability to live successfully in a group setting.


5. The potential resident does not have a history of abuse directed at other individuals.


6. The potential resident must be willing to submit to pre-admission and random drug testing and also to abide by any discharge notice given by House of Mercy staff if the potential resident fails a drug test.


7. The potential resident must have a responsible person(s) who can become his/her health care power of attorney if one is needed and also make any necessary arrangements for his/her discharge or funeral if needed.


8. The potential resident must be willing to cooperate to secure payment for his/her room and board and any applicable medical co-payments to the extent required by insurance or governmental health care coverage.


9. The potential resident must have no criminal record or, alternatively, a criminal record deemed acceptable at the sole discretion of House of Mercy. Criminal record checks will be done on all potential residents prior to admission.


Generally, persons seeking admission to House of Mercy must meet all of the aforementioned criteria. However, meeting the aforementioned criteria does not guarantee admission. Furthermore, House of Mercy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to admit persons with HIV not meeting all of such criteria and to deny admission to individuals, with or without HIV, who meet all of such criteria, based on whether the individual appears to be a good candidate for House of Mercy's services. Finally, House of Mercy reserves the right to commence the discharge planning process for a resident if such resident fails to continuously meet the aforementioned criteria, poses a threat to the health or safety of House of Mercy staff or residents, or is otherwise determined to no longer be a good candidate for House of Mercy's services.

If you have any questions about House of Mercy's admission criteria, please contact the Director of Nursing at (704) 825-8832.

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